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How Tall Is Niko Bellic

None of you is right. These guys are fictional video game characters and other than the cutscenes which show differences in height, you will never have the thing you're looking for. Ingame, male characters tend to have the same height, same with women. But whatever, I might just go down witchu. Sooo Niko is above 183 cm....what about Ray Boccino then? He is taller than Johnny and Niko and Johnny looks very tall in GTA V....maybe this makes Trevor about 168 cm. But Trevor is taller than Franklin and Mike...

How Tall Is Niko Bellic

As you can see, Johnny is way taller than Trevor (who according to GTA wiki is 6'1 1/4 foot tall) so Johnny must be a really tall dude. Niko is a bit shorter than Johnny so I would say he is around 6'2 and 6'3 albeit I go with the former. I don't get it why people think Luis is litle short. Yes, he's not tall but he's not a shorty either. So 6'0 is fitting IMO. He's about medium height and a pretty muscular guy. So 220 Pounds is fitting IMO as well.

If the player chooses to do the deal with Rascalov, he will betray Niko again and send a hitman to assassinate Niko at his cousin's wedding. Niko survives and kills the assassin, though his cousin Roman is accidentally shot and killed during the shootout. Enraged by this, Niko and Little Jacob chase Rascalov, who kills Jimmy Pegorino, throughout the city before confronting and killing him on Happiness Island.

Niko has brown hair and hazel eyes. He has facial hair that resembles a "scruffy" looking 5 o'clock shadow, which fits his 'thug' appearance very well. Niko isn't as heavily muscled as Luis or Johnny and he's more slender than both of them. Still, Niko has enough physical strength to hold his own in a fistfight and he's capable of pulling himself up on a ledge after hanging by his straight arms. He is also strong enough to twist Brucie's arm with ease. Several characters throughout the story call Niko "big guy" or "big man", which likely means that he is of tall stature and/or heavy build. Niko has a scar running through his left brow. He most likely got the scar during the war, however, this has not been confirmed. Niko's body is of 'average' build, but characters like Bernie Crane mention that "Niko is still in great shape." Later, Bernie asks if Niko works out, to which Niko answers he doesn't work out but his dangerous lifestyle keeps him active. People consider him to be "above average" build despite his slender appearance. During his appearances in TLAD and TBoGT, Niko looks almost exactly the same, except that he no longer has dimples. In GTA Online as a parent model, he looks similar to his GTA IV counterpart, but he now has a buzz cut and wears a polo shirt which can also be purchased by the player in clothing shops.

The former scenario sees Niko successfully killing Dimitri and his men,[23] only for Pegorino, enraged at losing out on a substantial profit, to try and exact revenge on him at Roman and Mallorie's wedding. Pegorino performs a drive-by attack on Niko, but accidentally kills Patrick's sister Kate, whom Niko had been dating.[24] Little Jacob and Roman help Niko find and kill Pegorino, who by this point was targeted by most of the Liberty City underworld.[25] If Niko instead agrees to work with Dimitri again, the latter betrays him by keeping the heroin for himself,[26] and sending a hitman to murder him at Roman and Mallorie's wedding. Niko survives the attempt on his life, but the hitman accidentally kills Roman with a stray bullet.[24] With Little Jacob's help, the vengeful and devastated Niko tracks down and kills Dimitri, who in turn murdered Pegorino.[27]

Before arriving in the World, Niko lived in a small village, with around fifty residents. The village is surrounded by a wheat field, which appears as the setting in most of Niko's dreams. The tallest building, a clock tower, is only two stories high. There is a well in the middle of the town.[1] The village is not on Earth.

Niko has brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a facial hair that looks somewhat "scruffy" 5 o'clock shadow, that fits his 'thug' appearance very well. Niko isn't as heavily muscled as Luis or Johnny and he's more slender than both of them. Still, Niko has enough physical strength to hold his own in a fistfight and he's capable of pulling himself up on a ledge after hanging by his straight arms. Niko is most likely 5'11" (based on Yugoslavia average male height and by comparing Niko's height to other characters in game) making Niko about as tall as the American characters in game but shorter than Yugoslavia average height. This would make Gerald and Ray be about 6' tall while Patrick and Little Jacob about 5'10" tall. Niko has a scar running through his left brow. He most likely got the scar during the war but it's unconfirmed. Niko's body is 'average' and Bernie Crane said Niko "is still in great shape" and asking if Niko works out, to which Niko answered he doesn't work out but his dangerous lifestyle keeps him active.

That Michelle ends up being a government informant who betrays Niko is not totally far-fetched (he is an active criminal after all), but Niko not being able to spot it sooner is a little harder to believe.

Hearing footsteps, Niko dashed off to his right, hopefully thinking that he might ambush Revy. Revy meanwhile walked into view. Seeing a glimpse of Niko's sole, Revy knew exactly what to do next. "There you are you little fuck!" she yelled as she fired a grenade. The explosion was enough to make Niko lose his balance, but not enough to actually make him trip. Staggering along towards another junction in the maze, Niko turned around just as another flash of yellow and red blaster out. Taking out a M67 grenade from his pocket, he lobbed it up and over a tall set of covered boxes.

Niko bellic is walking through New York City, minding his own business. He is still in shock after his battle with the very irritable black man and always carries a weapon on him. Little does he know he know he is being stalked...

Red skull moves without a sound, sticking to the many alleyways and shaded areas of New York. He has the MG-42 in his hands and the ray gun holstered by his side. He watches as niko enters a shop and waits for him outside. He aims at the door, poised and ready to attack.

Meanwhile niko has just brought some cigarettes and is about to leave when he sees red skull through the shop window. He pulls out his shotgun and loads it with bullets. Red skull wonders what is taking so long and looks through the window. He sees niko aiming his shotgun at him. Before niko can react red skull quickly switches his aiming position and fires.

For a tense moment the both stand opposite each other, not moving eyeing each other up. Red skull makes the first move lunging forward knife in front of him. Niko swings the baseball bat but red skull dodges and stabs niko in the stomach badly injuring him. Niko yelps in pain and pushes red skull away. He looks down and sees that he is bleeding profoundly.

Red skull laughs and lunges forward but this time niko is ready and waits until red skull is too near to avoid his swing and, taking a stance like a professional baseball player, swings the bat. Red skull is not able to dodge this swing and is hit square in the face sending him sprawling to the floor. Niko looks at red skull but he does not move. Thinking he has won niko starts to limp away but the fight is far from over.

Red skull awkwardly stands up and leaps at niko knocking him to the floor causing him to drop the baseball bat. Niko punches red skull in the face and then kicks him momentary stunning him. Niko then gets up and runs back to his car. Red skull gets up and follows him smiling. Niko opens his boot and pulls out his RPG-7. He then runs into a abandoned theatre and waits for red skull.

Red skull walks into the theatre and sneaks around trying to find niko. Suddenly he is hit in the face by niko and falls to the floor. Niko runs out the front door and, turning around, aims at the front doors. Red skull gets up and runs up to the front door. He opens it and sees niko standing RPG in his hands. He turns and runs back into the theatre and niko fires, the grenade hitting the side of the theatre causing it to collapse.

Vito approaches a clothing store and pulls out his M1911. When all of the sudden a man approaches him with a baseball bat. Vito sprints inside and takes cover behind the counter. Niko shoots at Vito with is sawn-off shot gun and blows a chunk of the counter off. Vito pulls his tommy gun out and shoots Niko in the arm. Niko runs to his car and drives away. But vito is on his tail and rearending him. Niko turns down an alleyway and gets out and takes cover.Vito does the same but he pulls out some molotov cocktails and lights Niko's car on fire. But Niko pulls out a RPG7 and blows up Vito's car. But finally Vito hits Niko in the arm with his M1 Grand. Vito walks up to the half way dead niko and shoots him in the head with his M1911.

Hello once again, everyone! J1coupe here with another Installment of Epic Rap Battles of Video Games! Yes, it's only been 4 days since the last one, but I wasn't really in good condition lately, and for some reason, I just wanted to stay up and work on something- so, I worked on this. 350c69d7ab


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